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Our Social Media Management Service allows us to take care of your social presence for you, leaving you with more time to focus on the parts of your business that you really enjoy. Our packages are 100% customisable to suit your budget and needs, but we have included some popular templates to show what we can offer you.


Our entry social media management package. If you have social media largely under control, or perhaps you would like a presence just for clients to get in touch with you then this is for you.

We will access 1-2 social accounts 2-3 times per week, clear your inbox of spam messages and relay genuine messages to you. We will accept friend requests and decline spam invitations for you, keeping your account running smoothly and allowing you to effortlessly keep in touch with your clients.

Price: £97/month

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budget Social Media Management

Bronze Package

This is perfect for the business owner that wants a social media presence but cannot afford to be stuck to the computer all day when they could be making more money. You will get all of the services of our basic package and we will work with you on up to 3 social networking profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) posting 1-2 updates per day based on your content, saving you time and money on the tedious tasks so that you can focus on increasing your profit, while giving your customers a reliable way to engage with you.

Pricing Guidelines: £197-£497

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Small Business Social Media Management

Silver Package

This is for you if you are serious about growing your brand on social media. You will recieve all of the benefits of our basic and bronze packages and we will work with you on up to 2 more social networking profiles. We will also provide you with market targetting and audience building research to help you reach your customers, build your following and increase conversion rates. To make the most of your increased exposure, we also will assist you with content distribution management, making sure that your content will get the maximum exposure and maximum engagement.

Pricing Guidelines: £507-£997

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Premium Social Media Management

Gold Package

This is our premium service, reserved for a maximum of 5 clients at a time so that our executive team can give your business the personal attention that it deserves. With the gold package you will get everything from our basic, bronze and siver pacakges, but this is only the start.

Our gold clients enjoy a 7-day service, so they are engaging their fans even on the weekends.

We will also maintain your blog, scanning it for spam comments and valuable feedback that we will feed to you, both positive and negative.

We will provide you with assistance in creating content for your social media campaigns (never worry about what to write for your blog again).

We will help you with reputation management, scouring the internet for feedback on forums and external sites so that you can keep a finger on the pulse of your clients perceptions of your business.

One of our executive team will also be on hand to provide you with help on all of your marketing matters (valued at £250/hr). You will recieve our private mobile numbers and have access to us for advice on your campaigns and marketing ideas.

You will also recieve HUGE discounts on other Outbreak Creative Agency products and services, so if you are looking to dominate the social media in your niche then get in touch with us to find out if we can help you.

Pricing Guidelines: £997+

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