SEOcial Media (and what it means to you)

SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is the art of positioning your site at the top of search engines for particular key words or phrases. Companies spend tens of thousands of pounds making sure their websites reach the top of Google for the frequently searched phrases of their potential customers and maximise the amount of targeted traffic to their site. Continue reading

Why All Publicity is Good publicity on Social Media (As long as you control it)

Businesses live in constant fear of bad reviews from irate customers. No matter how great your product or service is; there is just no pleasing some people. Bad publicity is inevitable, but in the right circumstances, it can be just as beneficial as great publicity. Continue reading

Madden NFL 13 sells 900,000 copies in under 24 hours using social media (and what you can learn from it)

EA, the makers of some of the biggest sports video games in the world have sold nearly 1 million copies of their latest game thanks (in part) to a brilliant social media strategy.

While the Madden franchise already has a substantial following, EA achieved their biggest day one sales record because of their creative use of online video and social media campaigns.

What did they do? Continue reading

Finding Social Media Content for Small Businesses

Creating unique, engaging content that your fans and followers will share offers a steep learning curve and a time commitment that you, like every other small business owner, simply cannot afford to keep up.

You know the importance of giving value on social media, secretly you cheer with every new like, comment or share that you get, but that time you set aside to sit down and think, ‘what should I post today?’ always seems to disappear in between meeting clients, forming business relationships, organising payroll and other daily business critical activities that always take longer than you expected. Continue reading

Boosting Your Perceived Product Value Using Social Media Part 1

A lot of the arguments against social media for business revolve around ‘social media does not increase ROI’ or even if it does, it is very difficult to measure. After all, those people that ‘Like’ you on Facebook are not necessarily the people that are willing to pull out their credit card and buy from you, and if they do end up buying your product, would they have done it anyway?
No Sale Button If you fall into the group of business owners wondering if social media can work for you (no, it doesn’t work for everybody) and if you would get a return on your investment, then you are missing the most important question: Can you use social media to add enough value to your prospects to make them prepared and even happy to give you value in return? Continue reading