Boosting Your Perceived Product Value Using Social Media Part 2

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You got the sale! Congratulations! Now what?

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With social feedback being more important than ever, making sure your customers are happy to share your brand with their friends, and making it as easy as possible for them to do so is no longer optional, but expected.

Have you ever had the experience of buying into a service, then to be neglected by the company that was so friendly before in favour of new customers? Did you want to refer them to your friends? Of course not. But so many companies lose customers by refusing to show that they are valued.

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘the easiest sale comes from your customers’, meaning that if people have bought from you once then they are more likely to buy from you again (21x more likely according to recent studies), so while bringing in new customers is important, creating brand advocates is at least 21 times more effective at making you money, more cost effective, more time effective, and thanks to social media, you can add more post sale value to your customers at virtually no cost.

Simply by adding a ‘contact us’ tab on your Facebook Timeline, you can provide after sales care, you can have a # (hash-tag) conversation reserved for your customers to talk to you about your product. You can set up Facebook groups and meet-ups specifically for your customers. Competitions for pictures or other social content using your product can add a tremendous value to your customers by adding exclusivity, showing them that it is not a marketing exercise (which it is, but we will get to that later) but a way for you to build a rapport and a two way conversation between you and them and add a huge amound of additional product value.

Now, while you are adding a ton of value to your customers through using the above suggestions, lets take a closer look at what is happening.

To contact you on your Facebook tab, customers have to first visit your Facebook page, exposing them to your brand (and marketing) every time they wish to contact you (much more effective than a simple contact email address).

When you set up a Facebook group to provide support to your customers, you are creating your own subculture dedicated to your product, reinforcing how popular it is every time your customers post to it, generating MASSIVE social proof for your brand, and making you the first person they think to go to when they next need a product or service in your niche. Not only this, but you will find that happy customers will often provide you with incredible testimonial content unconsciously, just by being in touch with you. Similarly, creating a meet-up with people who have very little in common apart from your product gives them one key thing to talk about…your product.

We have used this to incredible effect in the fashion world recently, having 40 people turn up to a top London bar wearing our clients clothing cost £0 and generated more sales in the following week than they had received in the previous month, both from existing customers, and new ones who had been intrigued by our meet-up group, creating ambassadors out of customers.

Finally, creating Facebook and Twitter competitions for your existing customers not only allows them to feel better about their purchase, but also puts pressure on potential customers to buy so they are not left out in future. It provides proof to prospective customers that your product is selling and most importantly, it provides user generated content for you to show on your social networking sites.

These tips will help you build value into your product after the sale, it will show  your customers that you are not a travelling salesman that will take their money and be gone tomorrow, but the a fantastic quirk of social media is that the more value you offer, the more value you will receive. So for massive social proof and building a dedicated following, adding post sale value to your customers and your brand in the ways I have showed you is easy, effective and 21 times more likely to make you money than not doing it.

Can you justify not doing it?

I hope these tips help you and I would love to hear stories of what happens in your business after implementing some of these suggestions, just put a quick note in the comments box if you have any thoughts, questions or topics you want covered in future blogs, I will be happy to answer them.

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One thought on “Boosting Your Perceived Product Value Using Social Media Part 2

  1. This brings back the personal touch for customers that has been missing for far too long. Back in the days of local shops and businesses all showing an interest in each other and making service users feel valued. With all these huge conglomerates taking over it has just been about profit. I would rather pay a bit more and feel that someone was really interested in my needs and satisfaction with the product than just be another pound in the till.

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